600 Lost Bitcoin mining machines are reported to be in China

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600 Lost Bitcoin mining machines are reported to be in China. According to the source there took an enquiry to Police in People’s Republic of China claims to have Iceland’s (Island Nation) 600 missing Bitcoin Mining Machines. The local channels reports this news Last Week of the May Month.

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It not surprising but interestingly to note that earlierthis week according to the Local Authorities and Financial Regulators Officials of Republic of Chinareckoned that the country has become steadily become the largest International Leader of Crypt Currency.

Police in North China along with the Chinese agency alleged by giving the answer to the Nation as this would be the largest Electricity Theft in the Country over past so many-many years.

To this enquiry and move further in there research and investigation the Ieland’s national public-service broadcasting organization- RUV has shared an enquiry letter/printed document stating to scrutinize 600 mining computers around the Nordic Island.

Due to this Police Force and Enforcement at the major port of China which is Tianjin area are ordered to seized (Capture) the machines after detecting unusually high electricity consumption.

It is noted that eight high-power fans were also seized,” Xinhua quoted Tianjin’s Police Force and Lawmakers. However the meter would have recorded “hundreds of thousands of Yuan” in bills.

The mining Hardware(s) was kept as theLong Term Target.

The scheme was create to steal the Bitcoin Mining Machines.

This news and issue has released a series of Arrest covering the Entire Nation of China. This is considered as Big Bictoin Heist at that time in which eleven people, including a security worker are arrested up till now by the Police law and Team. In this mission STOCKHOLM is the man who is subjected and is a master mind behind this Scamp. The accusedhas fled to Sweden after breaking out of a prison in Iceland.

Police force and Police SuperintendentGunnar Schram determines Shindri in District is most likely had accomplices helping him during the escape.

Surprisingly and problematic thing according to Mr.StefanDangardt a Swedish Police Spokesman while speaking in press on an Online News Channels complains that no arrest have been made of him by Icelandic police even now.

Gunnar Schram speaks with confidence and confirms by announcing to the Associated Press that “He can say with certainty that we will catch him and get our hands in his hair. But when and where is another matter, and difficult to say with any certainty. It could be days or weeks. Perhaps years, but we will catch him.”

With the previous reports the owners of the machines have offered $60,000 as a reward for anyone who can help locate the machines.

The value is almost $2 million of mining Hardware. Police in Ireland are requested and ordered to issue international arrest warrant against this accused soon. By seeing the rapid growth and investments in Digital World this fraud amount is happened to be used in creating New Bitcoins and enjoy massive profits. Like any other business even Crypto Coins Business needs circulation of FUNDS and MONEY.

The Crime took place because of the Global Bitcoin Mining Operations which are in China- SICHUAN, almost 70 percent of the Equipment in the entire Bitcoin World. Sichuan is said to be the Province of China.

Moreover , geothermal and hydroelectric power plants makes mining in Iceland potentially more environmentally sustainable than in China’s coal-burning mining sites.

The Local Authorities says that China should again become the Resourceful and Intelligent Country for surplus of electricity and in turn receive Regulated Bitcoins Exchange coins.

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