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Crypto mining earning Nvidia is reportedly very high during the first quarter. American Technology earned $289 Million from Crypto Currency Mining in the first quarter.

It is again surprised to know that an American based Company-NVIDIA earned $289 Million from Crypto mining.

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Crypto Mining with Nvidia GPUs

NVIDIA’s crypto party has continued into this year as well. The GPU manufacturing company is located in California having great earning from crypto mining.

The graphics processing computing company has increased the production unit of Graphics called as GPUs. This increase in units has been determined to address a shortage caused by Crypto Currency Miners.

The expectation target of this awesome growth was $200 but the Crypto Miners have outperformed their expectations.

This target was established earlier as the American company was struggling and facing the problem with the less hardware in circulation.

American Entrepreneur – Jensen Huang once said while speaking with TrenchCrunch which is an online Publisher of Technology Industry that –We have sold out many of our high-end SKUs and so it is a real challenge keeping graphics cards in the marketplace for games. We have to build a whole lot more. We have got to come closer to the demand of the market. And right now we are not anywhere near close to that and so we are just going to have to keep running.

He even told further adding to his interview that “at the highest level the way to think about that is because of the philosophy of Crypto Currency – which is really about taking advantage of distributed high-performance computing – there are supercomputers in the hands of almost everybody in the world so that no singular force or entity that can control the currency.”

NVidia will generate new video cards in upcoming months maybe in July and AMD is going to drop GPUs sale in 2018.

Earlier there were many problems with GPU suppliers in USA.

Same Trends and Graphics – NVIDIA Executives are modifying and advancing the trends by imposing quantity restrictions and encouraging the gamers which had increased the demand driven by Crypto Currency Miners.

Revenue recorded Less – During the session of the beginning of this Year-2018, the American Company earned 2.46 Billion from NVidia’s Business for crypto mining earning Nvidia. After three months period, this Company enjoyed the strong growth and upgraded Crypto Currency Minings.

Facing issues with Advanced Micro Devices – Both the renowned Companies have no control on each other at times. Most Graphics Cards are sold for above the manufacturing price. This issue has been floated in the market more than One Year. Adding to it the GTX 1060 and 1070 were many times more than 50 percent expensive of the stated cost. The core issue is a global DRAM shortage which affects the availability of video memory types like GDDR5 and HBM2.

Both the organization have been really benefitted from these Videos Cards and so Crypto Currency Developers are being protective about AMD and NVidia’s Lucrative Ethereum. It is believed that there is a huge and continuous demand of GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) from Ethereum miners.

An inside person shooting on the issues once clearly said that “The Crypto-Currency market is unstable and demand could change quickly. For example, China and South Korea have recently instituted restrictions on Crypto Currency trading, if we are unable to manage the risks related to a decrease in the demand for Crypto Currency mining, our GPU business could be materially adversely affected.

Crypto Mining Earning – China-based Bitcoin miner Bitmain:


Mining operations in China are comprised of computer networks and thus Bitcoin miner Bitmain generated between $3 billion and $4 billion in operating profits last year from cryptocurrency mining.

According to Bernstein, Bitmain controls as much as 80% of “Bitcoin miners and application specific integrated circuits (ASICs.)” The analyst firm forecasts that Bitmain’s dominance will persist in 2018, but it’s challenging to make predictions beyond that given the uncertainty surrounding the CryptoCurrency market and the BTC price.

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