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ELONCITY ICO – ELONCITY decentralizes our capacity foundation into a great many independent micro grids. Privately created vitality is accessible day in and day out and specifically focused to utilities. According to ICO REVIEWS Vitality cost ends up straightforward to all. Individuals utilize Eloncity’s open advances to make power for all intents and purposes free so we can zap the world with clean vitality.

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ELONCITY multifaceted framework ensures project planning and Enforcement are generalized informed, synergistically inclusive, equitably tested, locally responsive, systems-oriented and leverage the best of technologies.

ELONCITY ICO Technology Advantage

1. Open and Secured Energy Transaction– The ECTP or Block Chain stage gives an open, anchored and disseminated record for proficient chronicle of the exchange of vitality benefits in the network in certain and changeless way. The Block Chain stage likewise empowers ELONCITY ICO to set up an auditable record for following the wellsprings of power age in the network, regardless of whether it is inexhaustible or non-renewable energy source. The auditable following of power age sources is basic for valuation of power in light of age sources and screen the network’s advance toward the inexhaustible without future. This element encourages a mutual asset economy to amplify resource usage rates and financially savvy access to decentralized inexhaustible vitality.

2. Bound together and Efficient Energy MarketplaceELONCITY ICO Token encourages an open market that empowers networks far and wide to trade vitality and shared-assets locally and furthermore to get to the brought together system of worldwide sustainable power source items and arrangements. Thus according to ICO REVIEWS inexhaustible item and specialist organizations advantage from a more open worldwide market.

3. More prominent Reliability-The ELONCITY ICO gives more prominent vitality benefit unwavering quality through the decentralized vitality engineering’s natural outline capacity to envision, assimilate, adjust to and quickly recoup from possibly problematic occasions. The ELONCITY ICO configuration incorporates locally sun powered PV clusters or windmills, and insightful arranged BESS for keeping up neighborhood electric administration dependability, adaptability and strong vitality supply amid framework benefit disturbances and crisis occasions. The BESS, either behind-the-meter and front-of-the-meter, self-control the whole network for the coveted span to ride through a crisis occasion, through the PV non-creation periods, until the point when the sun or wind ends up accessible again to empower the local renewable generators to recharge the BESS. The Eloncity Model is an immediate reaction to address the jumble of power free market activity at each level of the framework arrange and conquer dangers of single point vulnerabilities characteristic in the centralized grid design.

4. Lower Costs– The Eloncity Model is intended to bring down Eloncity people group vitality consumptions over the undertaking’s helpful life. In context with ICO REVIEWS the vitality consumption funds are accomplished by the mix of-
Local DC lattice arrange inside every network, extensive apparatuses fuelled by DC power, together with focused vitality proficiency retrofits to bring down general vitality misfortunes and utilization.
Generate sustainable power source locally to balance all or the vast majority of neighbourhood power requests. Flatten top vitality requests to limit expensive request limit charges
Purchase concentrated network vitality just amid the time of lower cost (i.e., off-top in compelled regions or over the top age in zones with utility-scale renewables).
Provide auxiliary administrations to the brought together matrix to create incomes. Financial reserve funds is a principal highlight of the Eloncity Model, particularly in tending to the mounting challenges with high vitality cost which excessively load the underserved networks.

5.Expanded Safety– The Eloncity’s inexhaustible age and BESS decrease or dispense with dangers from the reliance on non-renewable energy source based reinforcement generators that are regularly not accessible in a fiasco, have high dangers of flame, blasts, gas harming, and are very likely accessible for just the constrained measure of time while gas/diesel is accessible. ELONCITY ICO resolution the general population security offices inconclusively in independent mode with unlimited neighbourhood inexhaustible assets. The Eloncity Model offers an immediate reaction to deliver the unsuitable dangers to general wellbeing and security postured by the petroleum derivative based vitality assets

6. Low-outflow Vehicles/Transportation-The Eloncity control framework and Block Chain structures incorporate a propelled vitality administration framework, nearby inexhaustible power age, a keen organized BESS, electric vehicle (EV) to network association, and wandering EV charging to help the zap of transportation. With the advantages of EV and V2G innovations, the Eloncity Model advances open wellbeing, wellbeing, and lower transportation cost.


1. Dates are yet to get finalize soon
Ticker: ECT
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token Price: 1 ECT = 0.12 USD
Fundraising Goal: 33,000,000 USD
Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000
Available for Token Sale: 32%


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