Google Crypto Project – Secret Talks

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Google Crypto Project

Google Crypto Project – Secret Talks. Vitalik Buterin is going to be on a secret mission for Crypto Project for Google. Empowering Crypto Market through Google.

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What is Google Crypto Project?

Crypto World is a crazy world and so many things do to. Maybe Vitalik Buterin is entering the crazy world of CryptoCurrency. The post came on 20th May-2018.  Along with the screenshot-Should, I drop Ethereum and work for Google?’-Please suggest.

Vitalik Buterinco-founder of Ethereum and even a Russian-Canadian programmer recently received an offer from Elizabeth Garcia, a Google recruiter and shared the screenshot of the offer on the Mail.

According to the tweet surprisingly the co-founder of second largest and valuable Crypto Coin- Ethereum has been offered a lucrative offer indicating

  • In the hope that he will help the technology giant with a mysterious Block Chain project.

Furthermore, all are aware that The Decentralised Platform of Ethereum is running on a very popular form these days. The Virtual Coin has attracted so many contracts and has rapidly become the fast and secure transaction entity.

Google announced another plan for Crypto Currency

Vitalik failed to hide the name of the recruiter in the Genuine Version confidential-Mysterious Offer.

  • Originally the Email read-“Hi Vitalik, I hope you are doing well and enjoying the weekend! […] Google makes sense for you now or in the near future […].”
  • And Simultaneously Vitalik replied the email from Garcia along asking- “Should I drop Ethereum and work for Google?”

The sources from the insider prompted that neither he accepted not denied or commented respectively. The tweet which came into the limelight was posted a few days before only. Buterin himself deleted the post later.

Crypto Coins are crossing the mainstreams.

Fortunately, Ethereum launched in the year 2015 is still growing and enjoying its success. This virtual entity is very simple and has major significant points with it.

As of now, the company is keeping pretty quiet about the specifics of its Block Chain Research and discusses that “Like many new technologies, we have individuals in various teams exploring potential use of Block Chain, but it’s too early for us to speculate about any possible uses or plans,” a spokesperson told Business Insider in March.”

Before the post got deleted the poll received more than 2,000 votes, with more than 50% saying he should not take the job.

However, a little more than 40% of them felt he should drop Ethereum and work for Google. A few hours later, Buterin decided to delete the tweet, probably because he failed to censor the recruiter’s information.

Google, on the other hand, entirely banned Crypto Currency and ICO ads on their search engine in March this year. However, in the same month it was revealed that Google was working on its own Block Chain product: a distributed digital ledger that third parties can use to post and verify transactions. Google may have been interested in hiring Vitalik for this project, or even an unannounced one. Google is also an investor in multiple Block Chain companies like Ripple, LedgerX, and Veem.

Moving ahead like many technologies even the Google Company has been repeatedly showing its positive attitude towards Block Chain Technology.

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