Kodak Coin – Crypto Coin by Kodak Inc.

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Kodak Crypto Coins – The past history of this Massive firm is into Photography and who doesn’t know it – Kodak .This Graphics Company now made it clear to undertake in Block-Chain Eco System.

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Kodak Coins – Kodak Crypto Coins

Kodak has resulted to create Digital Image Technology in some recent past experiences.And now most astonishing the Pioneer Photography American Company is about to start its own KodacCoin.

The team of the American Based Company announces to publish its own Initial Offering Coin by later this month- MAY-2018.

The announcement was made by the Kodak Brand on Thursday- 10th May-2018.

WENN Digital has created KODAKOne platform. KODAK Coin is a photographer-oriented Block-Chain Crypto Currency which is in developing state. This Company will operate and run Kodac Coin which is properly launching on 21st May-2018.

Kodac and WENN digital partners have clubbed to designed and inaugurate new crypto Coin soon- KodacCoin. This new platform is surely going to bring new and secure revenue. They have completely followed the process and become the licensed partners to empower and authorise image rights management.

  • This Image Rights Management is very essential and important for any company and photographers.
  • Moreover the Kodac Platform can easily detect the unlicensed photographs uploaded on the website.

In addition to the Repots published a two-year lease on the machine will cost $3,400, and the company estimates that it will produce a monthly revenue of $375 worth of Bitcoins, or $9,000 over the course of the lease. Paying the cost of $3,400 lease, users will be required to return half of the profits to Kodak, reducing their estimated revenue from $9,000 to $4,500.

Properly utilizing the Tech Industry  this new and big platform will also be certainly be limited to some countries only namely – United Kingdom, United States of America and others. Indeed the platform and its Initial Coin Offering is designed to facilitate and ease image licensing for Photographs.

Apart from the return from the Industry, like Block-Chain, Crypto- Currency- KodaCoin together will definitely create rights for the Photographers. The person can easily get registered himself through this Licensed Platform and even get this work authorised/Permitted.

Engaging Kodac Coins by taking interest in Crypto Coins will help in securing the network and Block-Chains along with licensed payments and receipts.A Vancouver based Firm subscribe to 8 Million Kodac Coins from the Block-Chain Technologies after launch.

SEC, Security and Exchange Commissions after hearing this news finally repots by adding “We are excited to offer the SAFTs and the rights to the underlying Kodak Coin in a manner structured to fully comply with an exemption to the SEC’s registration requirements. KODAK Coin offering is utmost security and transparency, working to bring digital tokens to investors by adhering to industry best practices and in a manner that we hope instills public confidence in the crypto space.”

For more information visit please visit www.kodakcoin.com.

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