LEXIT ICO – Mergers & Acquisitions Blockchain Marketplace

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LEXIT ICO - Mergers & Acquisitions Blockchain Marketplace

Thought of trading intellectual properties ever? LEXIT is announcing crawdsale for entrepreneurs to trade intellectual property, copyrights, and technology from discontinued projects, and even sell whole startups.

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How LEXIT works?

LEXIT is the platform of its kind allowing to participate on which entire companies specialised departments and their Intellectual Property – IP can be bought, sold and licensed.

To start off with, the “seller” makes use of the web interface within LEXIT to create his/her listing. This is done after a thorough check so as to ensure that the person/ company performing the sale is legitimate.

According to ICO Views and comments, after the listing has been made, potential buyers can use the same web platform to search for assets that they would like to purchase.

In case there are several offers from different buyers, sellers have the option to go through the “transactional history” of each buyer and then choose who he/she would like to do business with.

At this point, it is also important to mention that the app interfaces guide “both parties through the necessary steps for closing a deal”. This is usually done via the use of experts that have knowledge in regards to things like due diligence, value estimation etc.

Finally, once all of the groundwork is completed, LEXIT allows for the finalization of a deal via the creation of ‘data entries’ that record all of the individual aspects involved with each and every transaction.


“Mergers and acquisitions (M & A) are considered to be the highly complicated field. Involving batteries of corporate lawyers, investment bankers, financial advisors, and appraisers, selling a company or assets. There off in tails very high cost even before the first potential buyer is contacted. The platform approach detailed in LEXIT’s Whitepaper seeks to simplify this process, rendering the M&A markets more accessible to medium and small size players.”

Amir further adds,

The LEXIT solutions allow the M&A procedures to be concluded faster at about a quarter of the traditional cost, entrepreneurs are empowered to discover the true value of their assets on a vibrant and highly liquid marketplace, without having to bear excessive fees. This will allow many new players to enter the field like small start-ups wishing to capitalize on assets they own but don’t plan to use such as projects they pivoted on. We develop M&A marketplace on which buyer sellers and professional service providers meet directly and en mass allowing market forces and network dynamics to render corporate assets into highly liquid resources. The parties can negotiate fairly in the transparent market environment while a distributed network of independent assessors and legal experts compete to offer them high quality due to DILIGENCE SERVICE at affordable prices. The result is ONE STEP

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