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MUST Ecosystem is Universal Transactions and MUST Ecosystem the world’s first block-based platform, assuming the circulation of digital bonds within the scope of motor transport rentals, equipment, construction, and specialized equipment.

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How MUST Ecosystem Work?

Project target market volume MUST be 520 billion USD. According to ICO, the project team plans the next 5 years to take 7.5% of the market and show a turnover of 40 billion USD. According to ICO the MUST Ecosystem system allows small and medium-sized companies to receive financing for acquisition of the assets needed to produce the final product of the market.An entity may acquire assets, judgments to be made in the final product unit of the market, and financing will also be provided in the final product unit.This approach allows the company to realize the final product, which will be produced in the future, and to acquire the assets produced for the production of this product.

Market Size of MUST Ecosystem

Conducted in The SME Finance Forum in conjunction with The World Bank research showed that in 2017 in the world:
According to ICO 65 million or 40% of formal MSMEs in developing countries around the world have a funding gap.
In developing countries, the total funding gap for the IHR is estimated at $ 5.2 trillion, which is 1.4 times more than the current level of financing for the IHR worldwide.

MUST Ecosystem Services

MUST Ecosystem Renta is leasing services for SMEs. MUST Ecosystem Lending is a financing service (loan) secured by tokenized assets for IHR. MUST Ecosystem Escrow is a service to finance trade transactions through the tokenization assets to be financed under the transaction.

MUST Ecosystem Digital Bonds (MDB) – Digital bonds issued in the securitization process, based on token assets and cash flows on it. The token holder must have access to all ecosystem services and offers from a value-based economy. All tokens received by the MUST Ecosystem system as commission payments will be burned. After listing on the exchange, tokens MUST also be exchanged for crypto-active or other fiat currencies. According to ICO number of tokens issued 500 000 000 Additional emissions not provided. And tokens MUST be issued according to the ERC223 standard on the Ethereum network.

Token Sale

  • Pre-Operation Personal / 25.02 – 30.06.2018 /
  • Bonus + 20%
  • Public PreSale / 01.07 – 31.07.2018 /
  • Bonus + 10%
  • Sales of Public Token / 01.08 – 30.08.2018 /
  • Bonus 0%

Fee Token

  • 1 MUST = 0.10 USD
  • Soft Cap = 6 700 000 USD
  • Hard Cap = 35 000 000 USD
  • Token Sale – 350 000 000
  • Team – 50 000 000 (hold up to Q3 2019)
  • Marketing & Advisors – 25 000 000
  • MUST Foundation – 75 000 000 (hold up to Q3 2020)

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