NAUS ICO –A Blockchain based Self-evolving Social Ecosystem

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NAUS ICO –A Blockchain based Self-evolving Social Ecosystem

NAUS ICO is a Blockchain-primarily based certainly environment without counting on consider. With the self-evolved underlying carried out sciences and protocols on the lower back of the Blockchain, NAUS will assist surroundings friendly and secure DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism, clever settlement and assemble dispensed storage networks in cooperation with multiple employer partners.

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What is NAUS ICO?

NAUS is a Blockchain-based Self-evolving Social Ecosystem. This is not the first project by the NAUS foundation, and they already have a huge user base currently using Trippin Live. The NAUS’ chief strategic partner has gained over 35 million users, generating more than hundred million of revenue by offering features like IM group, voice, & video interactions along with gift rewards.

Why should you invest in the NAUS ICO?

A Blockchain Technology-based ecosystem, NAUS is developed with an aim to provide self-evolving social networking services to its users. Some of the features of this innovative platform include low involvement cost, quantifiable benefit, supply-demand balance, and individualized characteristic.


On the note of features mentioned above, the NAUS social network is set to address the inherent flaws of a centralized model in the current social networking area, like-
• Inaccuracy in features of users
• Ineffective communications
• A lot of useless information
• Relation match difficulties
The innovative social networking ecosystem is set to arouse interest among the audience of the internet-age, and in turn, grow multi-fold during its initial phase. Thus, investing in NAUSICO can help users reap huge profits in the Crypto Currency domain in the long run.


Based on the underlying protocols of the self-developed Block Chain, NAUS will support the ethereal Crypto Currency along with smart contract technology to develop distributed storage networks by cooperating with multiple partners. In order to provide users with a social network ecology that focuses on efficient and comprises of accurate features.

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