P2PEP- A peer to peer Energy Trading Platform

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P2PEP ICO - A peer to peer Energy Trading Platform

P2PEP is an energy exchanging platform that will associate renewable energy makers with those that request it, encouraging future improvement of renewable energy sources by diminishing and notwithstanding expelling the boundaries providing clean renewable produced power to purchasers.

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What is P2PEP ICO?

 P2PEP (Peer to Peer Energy Protocol) is out to offer an exchanging platform joined with an utility token to buy/sell (exchange) this oversupply of sun powered or other renewable energies, which should be possible straightforwardly peer to peer, buyer to purchaser astute. The Energy protocol is using Standard Electronic Confirmation Matching – ecM which establish standards for energy trading. ecM helps to reduce operational risks, cost and delays when processing confirmations.

P2PEP ICO Review

P2PEP (Peer to Peer Energy Protocol) aims to offer a traffic platform joint with a use token to buy/sell (trade) this oversupply of solar or other renewable power, which can be done directly peer to peer, consumer to consumer wise.

This endeavours to push for its appropriation by environmentally friendly power energy organizations that need to bargain straightforwardly with end customers. Utilizing P2PEP ICO, efficient power energy purchasers and makers can sidestep the old, obsolete dirtying energy and exchange environmentally friendly power energy peer to peer as effectively as grabbing an uber ride.

According to ICO Reviews the platform uses the latest technology for the convenience of its users. By using the new Ethereum ERC223 Protocol, no Block Chain knowledge is needed to get around. To use this application all you need to sue is Smart Phone and its app. This allows the new comers to quickly find their way buying and selling clean energy.

P2PEP revolutionize & transition

The nature of P2PEP – According to ICO Reviews in spite of the fact that Complex however Simple, P2PEP is a propelled arrangement in light of the Block Chain innovation, PEP is an instalment token for energy exchanging over the P2PEP organize. Use is straightforward as all that is required is to download our portable application and begin buying or selling clean energy.

Invest Now – The P2PEP platform can be used in a consumer to consumer or business to consumer manner, to cash in and out on energy oversupply. It also eases Clean Energy Companies to directly connect with their customers, helping them to bypass the limiting, polluting and outdated energy industry.
Project Aims –This is to offer a trading platform combined with a utility token to buy/sell (excess) the supply of solar energy or other renewable energy, which can be done directly peer to peer, consumer to wise consumer. According to ICO Reviews making it easier to sell and buy.

Buy Tokens – Buying PEP tokens is easy. Just click on the button below or choose one of our P2PEP package plans. The button will redirect you to our e-shop where you can finish your order in 2 easy steps. 2PEP Airdrop 2018 – Earn your Free Crypto Tokens. Estimated Value: 8.0 USD.


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