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SgamePro ICO– Gaming is Fun-Sgame Pro wants to become the first aggregator of a mobile gaming community that allows players to “mine” tokens by simply playing. The model will then be replicated also in the console world. It should be noted that the world of mobile games has changed a lot over the last five years, going from a paid model to, the now prevailing model, of freemium.

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What is SgamePro?

SgamePro ICO we believe that the true value of an application is given by the number of users who use it. For this, the step that we want to take is to reward players by sharing with them part of the revenue generated as they play.

How SgamePro ICO Work?

Exactly, players will generate SGM tokens which can be used on the Sgame platform or traded on exchanges for other currencies. It will be a revolution for mobile players and that is why, in partnership with the most important game publishers in the world, we are working to make SGM the main token of the gaming world.
At first, it will be based on the game time and on the completion of various activities like top scores, achievements, referrals, offer walls and also the level of the user. Within Sgame Pro each player will be able to verify in real time how many tokens he is generating and in what way. In addition, there will be analytics for the player to have the ability to adapt their strategy to the application in order to generate more tokens.
Another huge advantage for players is that they will be able to play in multiplayer mode with all those games that only provide single player mode. In fact, through the Sgame Pro SDKs, game publishers will allow from 1 vs. 1 up to 1 vs. 100 with the ability to bet SGM tokens. The remuneration in tokens will occur at the end of a proof of play, in the Block Chain world it is called “proof of work”, and which constitutes the certification that the gamer has actually used his mobile device within Sgame Pro.

SgamePro ICO

Platform Of Sgame Pro ICO-The development of Sgame Pro continues from September 2017, now we are in the process of debugging and integration of the APIs developed with game publishers. Before the ICO we will publish an open beta version integrated with the Block Chain functions and with the SGM token already usable. The official launch and the marketing is planned for Q4 2018.

Games are available-The games available at launch will be the ones from Digital Bros, 505 Games, Collin Lane AB and 8 unreleased mobile games produced by 34BigThings for a total of 34 games. We are closing agreements with a new set of publishers that will bring the number of games to over 100 within 12 months of launching.

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