TACHYON Token – Faster Than Light

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TACHYON Token - Faster Than Light

Tachyon has just announced its official release on the Ethereum network. The brain-child of two budding computer science developers-in-training, Tachyon is a tipping and micro-transactional token made to compliment Ethereum.

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Intended to be embedded into existing forums, chats, websites, and other possible payment channels, Tachyon is a memorable token aiming to accessorize payments in our future informal digital economy.

As per the newly-released roadmap on our website, Tachyon’s goal is to create a network of widgets, plug-ins, and payment solutions that are easily integrated into the existing social and economic online infrastructure. With the future release of Tachyon’s light wallet for mobile and desktop, tipping and micro-transactions with TYX is intended to be easy. We want people to say thanks with TYX. This press release marks the beginning of the Tachyon project – and its distribution will follow a unique airdrop model, 5% for each airdrop until all tokens are distributed. With over 1,300 sign-ups on our form, the TYX token will be formally minted this week. One of the core functions of the TYX token is widespread accessibility, thus the airdrop model allows us to bring TYX to as many wallets as possible.
Science-fiction has often referenced tachyons to send messages, payments, and digital media in an instant – and TYX will be its crypto-embodiment!





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